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Claims Procedure
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Claims administration essentially conforms to the following procedure
There must be a formal notification of any event that is likely to give a rise to a claim under the policy, promptly or immediately. This could be done in writing, verbally or via phone, and must conform to the requirement in this regard as stated in the policy.

The insured is also expected to prove that he has actually suffered a loss, and this is done by way of documentation. The level and nature of documentation depends on the class of business. Failure on the part of the claimant to prove his loss convincingly or satisfactorily within a reasonable time may lead to repudiation of liability.

The process entails, registration of claims, acknowledgment of notification, determination of the existence of insurance cover, appointment of assessor(s)/loss adjuster(s), review of the reports submitted by assessors/adjusters, admission or repudiation of the claim.

Admitted claims proceed to the stage of making an offer and eventual settlement.

Basic Documents required for various Non-Life Insurance Claims

  • Completed motor Accident Report Form
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Police report in cases involving death and bodily injury
  • Motor Certificate of Insurance
  • Satisfaction Note/Discharge Voucher to facilitate settlement
  • Completed Burglary Claim Form
  • Purchase Receipts of stolen items
  • Police Report
  • Internal Investigation Report
  • Statement of Claims
  • Estimate of repairs for damaged doors, etc
  • Loss Adjuster's report
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Motor Theft Claim Form
  • Original Vehicle License/Sworn Affidavit
  • Purchase Receipt/ Proforma Invoice
  • Ignition/Boot Keys
  • Police Reports (Interim and Final)
  • Motor Insurance Certificate
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Claim Form
  • Excused Duty Certificates
  • Discharge Certificates
  • Medical Report
  • Death Certificate
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pay Slips for 3 months immediately preceding the accident
  • Completed Motor Accident Report Form
  • Estimate of Repairs
  • Evidence of Existence of Insurance Cover (Insurance Certificate)
  • Statement of Claims, Medical Expenses, Loss of Use
  • Death Certificate/Medical Report (if applicable)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Police Report in Cases of death or bodily injury
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Fire Claim Form
  • Quotations From 3 contractors, depending on size of the claim
  • Fire Brigade's report
  • Internal Investigation/Inspection Reports
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Loss Adjuster's Report
  • Review Of Adjuster's Reports
  • Comments from Co-insurers on Adjuster's Report, if Collective
  • Co-insurer's meeting, if the need arises
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Claim Form
  • Estimate of Repairs, if property
  • Purchase of Receipt
  • Statement of Claims
  • Medical Report/Death Certificate
  • Police Report
  • Medical Expenses
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Write of Summons
  • Correspondence from Solicitors
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Claims Form
  • Police Report
  • Statement of Claims
  • Accounting Records in support of claim
  • Internal Investigation Report
  • Loss Adjuster's Report
  • Comments from Co-insurers on Adjusters report, if collective
  • Estimate/Purchase Receipts of sale(s), if covered
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Claim Form
  • Internal Investigation Report
  • Accounting Records to prove loss
  • Police Report
  • Loss Adjuster's report
  • Names of Guarantors/Referees
  • Terminal Benefits
  • Court Proceedings
  • Discharge Voucher
  • Completed Claim form
  • Location and status of salvage
  • Particulars of driver
  • Particulars of conveying/transit vehicle
  • Delivery Way Bills
  • Police Report
  • Internal Investigation Report
  • Adjuster's Report
  • Discharge Voucher
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